Vive La France! Prophetic Destiny Over France!

It Is Time For France

In 2014, I felt the Holy Spirit say, “What I have done in the past with key revival movements, I am getting ready to do it again.” God is consistently up to something, moving in and through His body, the Church. However, what I felt was that we are entering into an appointed time, the kairos moments and season where God is getting ready to do something significant and monumental.

Along with that word, I felt the Lord gave me an assignment to “re-dig the wells of revival.”  That set me on a 5-week ministry trip in the summer of 2014 to Europe.  I visited Moriah Chapel, the site of the Welsh revival of 1904. Amazingly, unknownst to me, the day I visited was the birthday of Evan Roberts, the man God used to catalyze the revival. It was also Pentecost Sunday.  I don’t think it was a coincidence but there was something significant about the prophetic timing of it all.  The spirit of revival and Pentecost is strong and near.

The Martyrs of Lyon

When I arrived in Lyon, France, I had no idea what I was about to experience and what the Holy Spirit had prepared for me.  My hosts took me to the Amphitheater of the Three Gauls, the every amphitheater where in the year 177 A.D., 48 martyrs stood for their faith and died. They became know as the famous Martyrs of Lyons.  As I stood in the middle of the grounds, I heard voices crying from the grounds where the blood of the martyrs was spilled,

“Our blood is not in vain, our sacrifice is not in vain, keep going, keep going, you can do this!” 

I knew the martyrs were speaking a timely word of encouragement and exhortation to the body of Christ from among the cloud of witnesses, to stand strong in the faith, especially in light of the atrocious persecutions that are taking place in certain parts of the world where believers are beheaded for their faith.  As I began to make prophetic declarations over France standing in the middle of the amphitheater, I saw two mighty angels appear from the back of Fourviere Hill, the highest point of Lyon, overlooking the city and the amphitheater.  My spirit was stirred and once again, I knew that the timing is near and the Spirit is fixing to do something significant.

The Martyrs of Lyon, A.D. 177

The Little Prophets of Cevennes

 Two weeks ago in February 2015, I returned to France for another ministry trip. This time round, my host brought me to Saou, France, a little village on top of a mountain in the south east of France.  We were there to visit the memorial stone of Isabeau Vincent, a 15-year old shepherdess girl who in the year 1688, began to prophesy, preach, and recite Scriptures, in her sleep.  She would first do that in the local dialect, and then in perfect French, which was miraculous because they didn’t read nor write at that time.  Isabeau was persecuted and put in prison. However, she was used as a catalyst to ignite what became known as “The Little Prophets of Cevennes” in the late 17th Century where young ones, as young as 9-month old babies, would begin to prophesy in their cribs. I knew my assignment again was to re-dig that well of revival and prophesy that God would do it again.  I had asked the Lord for a visible sign before the trip.  As I began to prophesy, I declared,

“Lord, let there be a thundering in the heavens over France. Do it again Lord!” 

Immediately, I saw in the spirit the northern lights in the heavens and they were specifically green and purple fanning across the skies.  The Holy Spirit said, “Green is life, and purple is royalty.”  It was sunny when I started prophesying and when I got done and got in the car to leave, the winds started to howl strongly and then it began to snow! Again, I didn’t think it was a coincidence but the Lord was confirming with a sign concerning the prophetic timing and season over France.  The village in Saou is literally in the middle of nowhere.  I heard the Spirit say,

“I am getting ready to do it again, and just like Saou, it will be from the uncommon places in France that revival will sprout forth again, and it will be from the mouths of babes and young people!” 

Isabeau Vincent & The Little Prophets of Cevennes, late 17th Century.

Two days later, I was invited to minister at a church in Voiron, also in the south of France on a mountainous region not too far from Saou.  Prior to the service, the leadership had prepared a dinner for me and my host.  Guess what colors was the decorations at the dinner?  Green and purple, the colors of the northern lights I had seen in the heavens!  Again, I believe it is a prophetic confirmation concerning what the Spirit is fixing to do in France! Exciting times are ahead for France! Vive La France!

Stoked for Revival,