It is Time for the Rewards of Heaven!

            In recent times, the Lord gave me an assignment, “Son, I want you to agree with the saints concerning the seeds that they have sown, and call forth the rewards and harvest on those seeds.”  I immediately knew this assignment is about coming into the power of agreement and unity to unlock and release the breakthroughs of heaven.

Seeds are Meant to Reap a Harvest

            It is a natural law of the universe for seeds to germinate and eventually bear fruit.  The principle of sowing and reaping is spiritual just as it is natural.  “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease" (Genesis 8:22).  Many people do well to sow seeds including finances, time, and ministry, but some fail to receive the rewards and harvest. In the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:3-23, the sower who receives a thirty, sixty, a hundredfold harvest is the one who hears and understands the word and will of God, not letting deception, worry, and anxiety choke up the life of the seed.  I knew part of my assignment was to agree with the body of Christ for a restoration and resurrection of that which they have lost, seeds that they have sown that have withered and died.  When I was a seminary student at Oral Roberts University, Oral used to teach us the three principles of seed faith: God is our Source, sow a seed, and expect a miracle harvest.

Shifting into the Reward Mindset

            The Lord said to me, “The body of Christ needs to know that there are rewards attached to every seed of obedience that they have sown. Believers need to move from a slave mindset to a reward mindset.”  Many have sacrificed and have said “yes” in obedience concerning the things the Lord has spoken to them, but yet many are slow and passive in anticipating and believing for the harvest.  The Lord gave me a picture and showed me that whenever a believer says "yes" to the Lord in obedience, heaven is moved, and there is an immediate supernatural momentum being released in the Spirit.  Angels are being assigned and dispatched to bring about the harvest on the seeds of obedience.  A slave mindset is slow to anticipate the goodness and kindness of God.  It's ironical to believe that God is a good and generous Father, but He is slow to reward.  Whenever I sow a seed, I am quick to celebrate and release joy and faith over it, believing that in the Spirit, something is set in motion and the rewards of heaven are on their way!  Let me give you a simple example.  It has been my practice for many years now that whenever I sow financial seeds, instead of saying, "Goodbye money," I'll say, "Go multiply, see you later!"  The principle is not just limited to financial seeds; it could be seeds of time, friendship, a smile, acts of kindness and compassion, etc.  I hear the Lord say, "Many are stressed out and burnt out in trying to serve me, trying to balance between life's commitments and ministry. Tell them to release the spirit of celebration and joy over every act, every seed that they have sown for the kingdom and watch what I'll do.  I will multiply time, rest, and resources back to them!  I am their shield and their exceedingly great reward!”  The key is to expect in faith, to see God as your Rewarder, not a stingy, miserly slave master!

            In this season, for the kingdom of God to advance, the saints cannot afford to be in lack and be denied of their inheritance. It is time for the enemy to stop pilfering from the saints of God.  It is time for the body of Christ to recover all that the enemy has stolen. Seeds of faith and obedience are being rewarded in this season.  The earth is primed for a mighty release of God’s favor and rewards from heaven.  The generosity of God will be known throughout the earth through the abundance of the saints! 

I want to come into agreement with you in this season.

Declare with me:

  •     I repent of a slave mentality and choose to embrace the reward mentality.
  •     I am prospering so that I can advance the kingdom and purposes of God.
  •     I will walk after the Lord my God and fear Him.  I will keep His commandments and obey His voice. I will serve Him and hold fast to Him (Deut. 13:4).
  •     I release the harvest and rewards of heaven over every seed of obedience that I have sown (Lk. 6:38).
  •     I have been willing and obedient. Let me eat the good of the land! (Isa. 1:19)
  •     I will be rewarded with days in prosperity and my years in pleasures because I obey and serve You (Job 36:11).
  •     All the blessings of the Lord come upon me and overtake me because I obey the voice of the Lord my God (Deut. 28:2).
  •     I will observe and obey all that You have commanded me, that it may go well with me and my children after me forever (Deut. 12:28).
  •     I walk under an open heaven, and I will expect and celebrate the goodness of God in this season. Amen!

In His love,