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Living On A Higher Plane

The Devil Has No Hold On You!

Vive La France!

My French peeps and I went on a treasure hunt today at a park in Lyon. I had the name Celina before we headed out and the Lord highlighted this girl to me as we were walking around the park. I asked her if the name Celina means anything to her and she said her mum’s name is Celine. Bam! I was then led to pray for her grandmother who was standing next to her. All the pain in her knees left! Another awesome day in France! Gloire en France! Que le nom de Jésus soit levé haut!

There Is More In The UK!

Gave an encouraging word "There Is More!" at this Anglican Church. Healings took place that night! The Holy Spirit is stirring in the UK!

The Profundity of God

20 Years of Gall Bladder Stones Healed!

48 Martyrs of Lyon AD 177. Undone!!

“I AM A CHRISTIAN” - The Martyrs of Lyon, 177 AD The Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls, translated as “Amphithéâtre des Trois Gaules”, was an early first century amphitheatre in Lyon. Whilst the city was founded in approximately 44 BC, the Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls is thought to have been constructed in around 19 AD. It was here that in the second century AD that 48 Christians were martyred in the course of the campaign of persecution against Christians at the time, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Releasing The Fires of the 1904 Welsh Revival!

Moriah Chapel, the site of the Great Welsh Revival of 1904 with Evan Roberts.  Unbeknownst to us, when we arrived, we were profoundly surprised that it was Evan's birthday, Pentecost Sunday, and the 110th year of the Welsh Revival all on the same day!

It's Time For France!

On February 23, 2015, I visited the memorial stone of Isabeau Vincent in Saou, south of France. In the late 17th Century, in February 1688, Isabeau would prophesy and preach sermons in her sleep. She was about fifteen and a half years old. Her utterances would be in the local dialect and then amazingly, in perfect French when most could not read or write during that time. Many would come from near and far to listen to Isabeau. She was used by God to catalyze a prophetic movement, what was known as “The Little Prophets of Cevennes.”