The Power of A Testimony


I attended the Revival Breakout Conference where Dr. Cornelius was one of the speakers. I had a scoliosis condition where my spine was curved 22 degrees to the right. I had pain in everything I did, from standing up to laying down in bed. The pain would not go away. The third night at the conference, God told me this pain was going to go away.  As soon as Dr. Cornelius started praying, I can feel the power of God on my back. I was totally healed! Bye to scoliosis for good!

Julie, Georgia, USA

I just want to share my testimony here so all of you who are reading it can be blessed, encouraged & receive it for yourself. God is so faithful! He knows your situation & goes ahead of you whether you see it or not. I received a $1200 check towards my mission trip by a precious lady I had just met this morning! It felt like God orchestrated the whole thing as it happened. Yesterday I was hanging out with a very good friend of mine talking about missions & fundraising. She randomly suggested that I go to Dr. Cornelius Quek's teaching class at Bethel Church tomorrow and ask for prayer to receive financial breakthrough for my mission trip. Dr. Cornelius has amazing stories & breakthrough in this area. So I did. I went to his class & waited to be prayed for at the end. As I was waiting, there was this precious lady before me who was wanting prayers too. We started chatting.  When Cornelius prayed for my finances she stood next to me & she felt God impressed on her heart to give me the $1200 that I was desperately needing to stay on my mission team. The crazy part is that she isn't even from Redding or Bethel! She had just come for Dr. Cornelius's class!  You can call it coincidence I call it divine appointment! God touched her heart through Dr. Cornelius's prayer & then the rest is history! Thank you Dr. Cornelius! You truly have an anointing for finances! Thank you God for being so amazing, faithful, genius & caring! To you God belongs all the praise!

Zsuzsi Szegő, Pomáz, Hungary

I attended a meeting where Dr. Cornelius was ministering. The presence of God was so sweet and strong. He spoke words of knowledge over me that were spot on! And I have never met him before! I was so dumbfounded by everything he said, revealing things that were so deep inside of me. When Dr. Cornelius talked of my desire and passion to help hurting girls, I was so amazed because I have never even spoken to God about that desire even though I had it in me. These words of prophecy revealed to me the depth of God's love for me, His perfect will and plan for my life, even my innermost concerns, fears, and desires. I have always believed in God, but this encounter with Him has made me see Him in a whole new light. I have learned of my calling in God!

Ashley, Oklahoma, USA

Dr. Cornelius was speaking at the Resonate Conference held at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He shared about the vision of 7K and how God is raising up leaders to impact the nations of the earth. I was inspired and convicted to give this ONE life that I've been given to change the world and further God's kingdom. When he gave the altar call, I felt the Holy Spirit all around me and knew it was God calling me. I felt His presence fill the entire sanctuary! I'm excited to be a part of 7K, to be part of a generation that God is mobilizing and equipping to impact the society and the nations! I'm so stoked for all the things God has in store for me and I want to go where God wants me to go.

Angela, Ohio, USA

I have this condition known as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome), which causes my jaw to hurt, great difficulty in opening my mouth and often the pain got so bad it would wake me from sleep. After some time spent praying, it got slightly better but the pain never went away. During the service when Dr. Cornelius prayed for me, the pain disappeared and has not come back since. Praise God!

Nathaniel Tan, Singapore

I was born with a slanted toe, which got worse as I grew up. The joint grew so that it was sticking out of my foot, which caused a lot of pain in my toe. When Dr. Cornelius prayed for me I instantly felt a tingling feeling in my toe, and there has been no more pain since.

Stefanie Foo, Singapore

My 11 year old son, Aiden, had been having unexplained stomach pains in the spring this year. It landed him in the emergency room a couple of times, a few doctors visits and finally to a specialist. The specialist was able to give him medicine to control the stomach spasms once they started, but we still weren't given many answers. She thought it could be IBS brought on by a virus and could take 6-12 months to heal. It wasn't enough though, and it was awful watching him double over in pain, sometimes crying because it hurt so bad. The day he told me he didn't know what it was like to not be in pain anymore was just too much. I thank the Lord that as we made our move from Hawaii to North Carolina, we were able to stop in California to visit my step sister, Tiffany. We got to meet Dr. Cornelius. They offered to pray over Aiden one night. So here we are, the 6 of us, my husband, 2 boys, Tiffany and Dr. Cornelius praying together in a hotel room. They laid hands on Aiden and commanded Him to be healed by the hands of Jesus. I was crying, tears that I can't explain other than to say they were holy tears. I didn't feel like crying but here they were, pouring out of me. I didn't know it then, but Aiden told me later that night that before they started praying, he felt like he was being pinched in the stomach. While they were praying, the pain disappeared. It's been almost 6 months now, and the pain has not returned. Thanking God for his present day miracles that are still healing people today!

Jacqui, North Carolina, USA

Last Thursday I read your blog article "You Live On A Higher Plane" right before I left work for the day. On the first leg of my 45 minute drive home, I prayed, out loud while I was alone in the car. I don't pray very eloquently, words don't always come easy for me. I prayed for the usual but this time I declared it with authority - safety and protection for myself and my family, etc. I prayed in agreement that I was on a higher plane. I visualized things like gossip and insecurity and fear and stress (mostly related to my stressful job) were below me and I was on a higher plane, closer to God. I prayed that I would be blessed financially (maybe from a new job?!) so that I would have the opportunity to sew into others with financial blessings like the women in your story who felt moved to give another $1200 to someone else for a mission (how amazing!). I thanked God, with declaration of authority, for two amazing miracles that I witnessed this year, both things that I know myself and my friends have prayed for, for a long time. I prayed for my Children's future spouses that one day they would meet and marry. I prayed for a pain I was experience in my back from recently moving a piece of furniture to go away... You get the point. If it came into my head, I said it out loud to God while I drove home.

I was kind of lost in this for while and then as I am driving along on a curvy road, a black jeep pulls out and I look out my window and the front of their car is right there. I don't know how we missed each other, how that vehicle did not crash into mine. It was only second. I was scared for a moment but after that I am pretty speechless, almost laughing a little... God you are listening to me. I am closer to you, on a higher plane. God is awesome! God kept me safe as I had declared, just moments before! I know he is not done either! This was on Thursday and I had to go back to work that night. I really didn't have time to tell my husband about it. Friday evening before bed, I recalled the story to him and it occurred to me that that day I woke up with no back pain! I had been miserable on Thursday but on Friday... no pain at all! Again, God followed through on my declaration. I can't wait to see what he does next! I will continue to pray this way. Thank you for your message that really got me thinking!

Suzanne, Michigan, USA

Dr. Cornelius Quek came in February 2015 to Montelimar, France to minister at a conference. During this conference, he received words of knowledge that some people in the room are going to receive significant monetary refunds and reimbursements from the French government. I believed and received that word but did not think much anymore about it. 5 months later in July of this year 2015, to our amazement and delight, my husband and I received a significant and unexpected refund from the French government! Amazing!!! God is so good!

Ma'am Nangie, Montelimar, France

I just felt to send you a quick encouraging testimony. On Wednesday I read your article on Elijah List "Provision That Doesn't Make Sense."  Well my husband & I have been struggling financially, & this week we had another unexpected expense that cost us $100. That's enough to really hurt us right now. Well today my husband went to put some cash away where we always put it-in our locked gun box, & guess what was in it? A one hundred dollar bill. Now we had just used up all of the cash that we had in it last week-every bit of it because it was the week before my husband got paid & we were scrounging to the end. We were counting down to our last dollar to get through & there is no way we would have left $100 unaccounted for. My husband & I are the only adults in our home & the only two people who know the code to access the gun box. We have no explanation for how that hundred dollar bill was just sitting there when my husband opened it. It simply doesn't make sense. But we are grateful! And we can't wait to see how the Lord is going to pull off RADICAL provision on our behalf that just doesn't make sense."

Cindy M., Georgia, USA

My name is Beth, this morning I read through the article you wrote titled "Provision That Doesn't Make Sense." on Elijah List. The article really stirred me. At the end you said can't wait to hear the testimonies. I'm glad to share something amazing that happened within the same day. My daughter, son in law and granddaughters live on the total opposite side of the United States from me. I'm a single woman who tries to stay within a budget. I had not been planning on visiting them as quickly as I am. However the necessity came about and the Lord directed me, that I needed to go. Timing was not planned and financially this wasn't in the budget. The money is there but makes it a little tighter. But I booked the flight and I trusted the Lord would take care of the rest. So this morning as I read your article, I made all the declarations you provided and believed again for the Lord's provision. Then I go to open my curtains for the day, the sun is just coming up, the sky is beautiful and there is a shadow of a cross where a pole in the distance is...and I heard the Father say..."When you seek me, You will find Me." Then tonight I go to my Wednesday House Church meeting and to my amazement, I was given a check that more then covered my last minute flight for the trip. I had not asked for any financial help from anyone but the Lord! God is doing amazing things and it seems so accelerated in these time for us as believers. Thank you for your word, your testimony! God's timing is perfect! I love how He works in and through all things!

Beth, Ohio, USA

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